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Fun at the Regina Concert

I have to say that I loved playing the concert at the Regina Schools Family Fun Festival in Iowa City this weekend. They had tons of food, rides, shows, and activities for all ages there. The weather wasn’t the best prior to the show…but everything else was great.

We were a bit worried driving into Iowa City as we are driving 45 in a 70 MPH stretch of interstate because of the rain. It had mostly settled when we arrived, though we had to pull back our equipment and keyboard under cover when it started sprinkling again. After that the weather was beautiful.

We had two 40-minute sets of music, and even played a couple modern worship songs from the Vineyard that we would normally do for a Sunday morning. It was fun. And the guys running sound were great too, which made it perfect on stage for us as far as having no trouble hearing anything and having zero problems technically. Perhaps that sounds like nothing…but for us on stage it make all the difference between playing a great show vs. having to fight through a show with stage volumes. :-)

So…everything is cool on stage…and everything is cool for the audience side too. But we got a chuckle over this after we were done playing. Apparently a couple of older persons complained quite loudly over the volume of the show. So, the sound guys had to turn a lot of the house volume down for most of the show.

Nothing against the people who complained…but they could have moved away from being right in line with the speakers. Perhaps this cliche counts: “If it’s too loud, you’re too old!”

Or, it could have been that they were avid Weezer fans (though older) and were familiar with their quote: “If it’s too loud, turn it down.”

Anyway…it’s all in good fun. We had a great time there, they are good people, and we would play there again in a heartbeat.

“Rosalie” from the Down By the Riverside show in Rochester, MN

‘Rosalie’ live video from show with Eddie Money

This was shot with my friend’s digital camera, so it’s not the most spectacular quality video you’ve seen, to be the king of understatement…


Not to down what Josh said, but I’m happy to see that someone shot some video. And of course I’m not impressed easily by anyt…..oh look, a pretty bird!!! he he heheh

Um…sorry. Well…enjoy the video.


Last night’s show w/Eddie Money

Well, it was an exciting and energy-sapping weekend. We opened for Eddie Money last night in Rochester, MN, in front of a crowd of probably around 15,000. It was about as perfect of weather as we could have hoped for.

The city of Rochester hosts a summer ‘Down by the Riverside’ series of free concerts each year, and we got the opening slot for the last show in this year’s concert series. It is believed to be the largest crowd in the 15 years of these concerts. It was a great and enthusiastic audience, and we all had a great time. I am going to try to get a video clip of last night’s show on here very soon.

Things will be scaled down quite a bit with our next show, which will be Sunday, Sept. 3 in Iowa City. I hope many of you can make it out to see it! Then we’ll be heading back into writing material for our next album. We’ll keep you updated on how things are going with that project. For those of you who haven’t heard all of or don’t have our first album, ‘Blue Goodbye’, check out our web site (justwilliammusic.com) to hear any or all of the tracks on it. There are also links from there to various places you can buy the CD (you can also download it on iTunes).

Out for now,

New idea from the studio

It is late in the evening before our show with Eddie Money…and I figure now is nice time to share one of our new ideas from the studio. Its another rough cut…but we know you all hate polish and such. Right?

Follow this magical link to our Blog Media page to hear the track

“Eastern Sky” Live at Rube’s Fest

“Everybody Knows” live in concert

Show me the money… Eddie Money

Okay, so that was a really bad pun…  forgive me…  but hey, at least it got you to read the blog… right?!

We added another show officially to our summer today…  August 20th in Rochester, Minnesota.

Rochester has a really cool summer concert series called “Down by the Riverside”…  every weekend through July and August, the Civic Music group in Rochester hosts a FREE outdoor concert behind the Mayo Civic Center in Mayo Park.

August 20th is the last night of the concert series and will be featuring Eddie Money (“Two Tickets to Paradise”, “Take Me Home Tonight”, “I Wanna Go Back”…  etc.)

Just William was selected to be the opener for that night (for those who are a little slower… that means it will be Just William and Eddie Money in concert that night!).

Tell all your friends… tell all your enemies… tell your mailman… help us spread the word.

August 20th @ 7pm… Mayo Park (behind Mayo Civic Center) in Rochester, MN…  Eddie Money and Just William.

Should this be called the “Just Money” tour or the “Eddie William” tour?

Don’t forget, if you are in or around the Des Moines area on June 17th be sure to come out to Montour to see us play at Rube’s Steakhouse.  Another great outdoor event!!

Come on out and say hi to the guys in the band!!

See ya at a show this summer!

Sharing some love from the studio

We were back in Jim’s studio this weekend writing music and lyrics, joking around, hanging out, discussing band business, etc.   So, we have a rough track of a new tune for you all to check out.  Sorry that we mess up on some of it, and only have a rough vocal for the chorus…but tell us what you think.  :-)

Where We Belong


iTunes iTunes iTunes!

Our album, “Blue Goodbye”, is now available on the iTunes Music Store.  Click here to check it out:

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